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Report Filed date Raised Spent Balance
2017 pre-general report [pdf]
10/30/17 $11,589.99 $14,515.86 $3,890.73
2017 Candidate Filing [link]

$250 Fee

08/08/17 N/A N/A N/A
2017 pre-primary report [pdf]
08/01/17 $14,910.00 $22,385.32 $6,816.60
2016 annual report [pdf]
01/31/17 $19,361.00 $11,860.15 $14,291.82
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Data from Hennepin County Campaign Finance

Finance Highlights

non-itemized contributions 2017 year to date
2017 year to date
% non-itemized contributions 2017 year to date
2017 year to date

Notable donations (by category)

NB: donors may belong to multiple categories.

Note that this list does not reflect all donations received or given by a candidate, simply noteworthy contributions from various individuals and organizations that typically contribute to one or many elections during the year. Only donations from Minneapolis 2016-2017 finance reports are reflected. All donations that could be found in the MN State Campaign Finance board are included as well.


The resistance is local! Let's channel our radical energy and love for our communities into sending two brave womyn and homegrown leaders to stand up for us at the State Capitol. Come out to caucus tonight and become a delegate and an alternate delegate for the #SD62 Convention on March 10th for... — 06 Feb 18 18:01

Please join me from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. today for coffee and a meet-and-greet with Mn House of Representatives 62A candidate Margarita Ortega. It's truly an honor to get to work with this brave, compassionate, and deeply grounded leader. Margarita is our homegrown progressive champion, her... — 03 Feb 18 14:17

Over the past years, I've had the privilege to stand up and fight for our communities alongside Margarita Ortega. As our homegrown leader, she didn't move in to our district to seize a political opportunity. Margarita was born and raised in our #southside neighborhoods, her roots tied so deeply... — 27 Jan 18 17:00