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Minneapolis park board 5

Andrea Fahrenkrug

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Steffanie Musich

I met LaTrisha Vetaw a few years ago when we started talking about expanding the park's tobacco policy to exclude their use within the parks in their entirety. I really appreciated her inclusive and collaborative approach to policy development. She understands the importance of having a broad... — 23 Oct 17 16:47

William Shroyer

You own 400,000 street and park trees. Time to elect a tree-hugging tree-trimmer. Bill Shroyer for Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner in District 5. — 23 Oct 17 14:29

Andrea Fahrenkrug

There has been some confusion around the ground water pumping happening at Hiawatha. Here are some frequently asked questions & answers: Is there a water quality impact on Lake Hiawatha from the pumped water? The water quality of Minnehaha Creek has a significantly larger impact on the water... — 09 Oct 17 19:14